NOTE: If you are using any of the versions between and, then you should update to this version or later if one exists. This ensures that data is logged correctly by the pickup service. The problem could happen during transfer of Log Events to Nodinite, Pickup service retries the operation if the Log API fails.

Brand New Features

  • New Endpoint Types IBM Cloud Functions (47) and Microsoft Azure Functions (75) See documentation


  • Improvements of descriptive texts on several places for a better user experience
  • The Log API now correctly sets the number of bodies for the Log Event if more than one is being sent (multi-part support, think about an email with attachments).


  • A POST of Log Events to the Nodinite Log API should now be performed using /api/logevent, For backwards compatibility, the /api/logevent/logevent will continue to work for some time.

Fixed Issues (Bugs)

  • #4100 - Solved a problem with a deadlock situation that happened if two events arrived to the Log API at the same time, This is a problem that can happen in versions between and
  • #4066 - Summernote used for Knowledgebase Articles was buggy in fullscreen and did contain the wrong button colours (bad update in version of Nodinite)

Release date:  2020-08-28

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