Brand New Features

  • Events from BizTalk and other Log Agents which is not using the LogAPI is now counted. The processing state will be set to counted.
    - Message Type will be resolved from BizTalk / Nodinite, If the Message Type is unable to be located in BizTalk the Unparsed Interchange/Serialized Interchange will be used.
    - Event direction will be set for one way ports in BizTalk
    To set default Message Type in Nodinite for BizTalk ports


  • #3954 - The backup time is now shown in the confirm modal on restore.
  • #4030 - View History is added to the action menu for resources.
  • #4077 - The Monitoring Agent can be synced from the remote configuration modal.
  • New index in Log database to improve log audit search, will be used for new databases, ( can manually be updated for existing databases )

Fixed Issues (Bugs)

  • #4049 - Recurrence did not use the specific settings, when triggered from the alarm in the Monitor View
  • #4066 - Duplicates of images as a result of paste operations (CTRL + V) to Articles
  • #3955 - Remove export of the default End Point Unknown, also disable change of the values that make den End Point unique (Name, URI, Direction, End Point Type and Log Agent)
  • Preview of a stylesheet with output as XML, was not working. The XML was identified as HTML before.
  • Export of event did not set the Event Direction
  • The LogAPI, Service API did report wrong installation path in Nodinite overview
  • Update email plugins with a fix that auto adds the ending slash for Web Client URL, make the links path correct

Release date: 2020-08-18

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