IF you are using a previous 5.2.0.x version, then you SHOULD update to this or a later version of Nodinite due to the bugs resolved with this version

Brand New Features

  • Updated Search Field Plugin Formula with support for XPath 2.0  (for all expressions as, look behind, ...)
    NOTE 1: If you are using expressions today where single quote character is used, you must rewrite them to escape using another single quote. That is FROM: ' to '' example xpath('//*[local-name()='a']') to xpath('//*[local-name()=''a'']')
    NOTE 2: Use XPath2 only for "small" messages since these will be loaded into RAM and by doing so, you can crasch Nodinite, delay processing and stress your system beyond what it was designed for.  Do not apply XPath2 expression on messages larger than a few MB. For large messages, make sure to use XPath.

  • New parameter for the stored procedure copying data from BizTalk to Nodinite. This parameter is default 60 seconds and delays the data due to the fact that BizTalk during high load may write the events out of sequence. This new feature makes logging more robust and reliable but delays the time until data is visible in Nodinite.
    NOTE: You can tune this parameter as you feel fit and a future version of Nodinite will have a System Parameter to fa

  • New Processing state Counted


  • Statistics now counts all events even if they have no body/context.


  • Manage Message Type has new layout with correct handling of the special case when user opt to keep the data forever

Fixed Issues (Bugs)

  • DaysToKeepMessages and DaysToKeepData is nullable in 5.2 to represent that messages should never be removed. Customers who set MessageType to 0 for these the ones that should be stored forever (NULL) and data was therefor removed instantly instead of being stored. Web Client GUI error, correct in the backend and conversion scripts.
  • Link in managing Log Views  for Search Fields had invalid URL
  • #4006 Description for custom values was missing in various places
  • #4001 Fix buttons in modal footer when using Internet Explorer (which by the way is a browser you should not be using anymore...)

Upgrade Requirements

  • As always, make sure to use the latest version of the install and update tool

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