This version for Nodinite brings new features, usability improvements and much more.

Brand New Features

  • If the default pipeline configuration is changed in BizTalk for send or receive you can now see the new settings in Nodinite action details for Send Ports and Receive Locations
  • Ready to run instances are now also being monitored
    • Edit thresholds as remote action (Edit and Details now exists for all types of instances)
  • Details page for all type of instances
  • New Category "Group" with the old Widget for Group and a new one for Instances
  • Group Widgets honors the threshold settings and colorized content accordingly
  • Grace time added to Spool and Tracking table row count monitoring
  • Active threshold - time, (the count was already implemented before)
  • Dehydrated threshold - count and time
  • Scheduled threshold  - count and time
  • Retrying threshold - count and time


  • New icons and reorder of global configuration for all types of instances
  • Carets on the sorted column in Application details modal
  • Run-time configuration has a new layout and content
  • Time and count tresholds in edit modals (where applicable) are now styled in the same way as the other Nodinite monitoring agents
  • Add word-break for long Message Type names in the action Manage suspended instances


  • Larger default values for Spool and Tracking Data thresholds (Only applied on a new installation). Default is 5000/10000 and 30 minutes / 60 minutes
  • Run-time configuration monitoring of BizTalk Server installation folder is now fully functional
  • Run-time configuration monitoring of BizTalk Server pipeline components folder is now fully functional
  • Known Limitations and Workarounds


Fixed Issues (Bugs)

  • Spinner for Category Applications Start/Stop action now stops spinning after success/fail
  • Save description toaster was incorrect for Category Applications. The message is now correctly displayed after a click on Save button
  • Manage suspended instance layout has now been styled to cope with large content
  • Updated the error text for failed save operations
  • Error evaluating instances could end up not giving the correct result

Upgrade Requirements

System Requirements

This version is compatible with Nodinite 5.x or higher, for details please review the Prerequisites.

Please feel free to contact our support team (support@nodinite.com) for additional guidance, if you fail to install or update this version.

If this release does not meet your standards or requirements; Please send bugs, feature requests, and input for improvements to our development team (featurerequests@nodinite.com).

Make sure to download the latest version from the Nodinite Customer Portal

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