This version for Nodinite brings new features, usability improvements and much more.

Brand New Features

  • User Notifications(#3649)
  • ConCatmethod for Formula Search Field Expression
  • Search field links can now be sorted for the end-user (either automatic or specific by design) (#3591)
  • Backup and restore functionality now part of the GUI. Backups have for a long time been performed in the background. These will now be readily available for end-users (#3817)
  • Validate LogEvent method in LogAPI


  • Import/Exportre-activated with improved GUI and now supports relations between Services


  • Tons of minor fixes like typos, alignment, word wrap, reuse the same word for the same thing among different pages. Strong emphasis on consistency, quality, look and feel (#3602, #3596, #3614, #3609, #3612, #3655, #3684, #3683, #3039, #3675, #3815)
    • Alarm plugins have been restyled
  • Name of Log Database is now in title of database report (#3599)
  • Re-styled Repository when viewing them in Monitor Views (#3604)
  • The state of Resources is now displayed when managing the list of Resources to include in Monitor View (#3685)
  • Nodinite version number is now displayed within error modals which facilitates our support work (#3073)
  • Download errors (typically) now has a new landing page (#3173)
  • Icon for Event Direction is now displayed in Log View Restrictions and Search Fields (#3767)
  • Multiple messagetypes can now be assigned to a single search field expression (this functionality was also available in the search field wizard)
  • Filter on historical events in Monitor Views
  • List associated Monitor Views for selected Resource


  • RegEx with Capturing groups now trims the end result (3768)
  • Days to keep events can now be set to 0 (infinite) and still have a value for Days to Keep Body and Context. This was not allowed in the past (#3809)
  • Adding a new MessageType manually was previously hardcoded with 14 days. Now the value comes from the two system parameters (DaysToKeepMessagesEventsDefault) and (DaysToKeepMessageDataDefault) (#3835)
  • URL to Web Client for Alarm Plugins was previously default set without trailing slash "/". There must be a trailing slash and an administrator performing an installation should always change default values with localhost to the proper URL with HTTPS and machine/DNS name. All 4 default alarm plugins now return a trailing / even if the admin did not provide one (#3075)

Known Limitations and Workarounds

Fixed Issues (Bugs)

  • Deleted search fields are no longer displayed in Log Views (#3097)
  • Description for Display fields (columns) managing Monitor Views now has data (#3601)
  • Notification area and information about a user failed for some AD group configurations (#3713)
  • Number of Errors this week widget in Log Audits count was incorrect (#3712)
  • Search field wizard could remove other expressions for existing search field (#3711) - Critical bug that was already published with previous minor releases
  • Fix for Alarm plugins utilizing logic for "ngShow" (#3386)
  • Days until split was incorrect for databases with an end date (#2541)
  • Metrics also required Actions access right. (#3807)
  • The name of the Monitoring Agent was also presented in the Applications column when managing resources for Monitor Views (#3853)

    Upgrade Requirements

    • As always, make sure to perform the update using the latest version of the Nodinite update tool.

      NOTE:Package manager has moved to the Instances menu!
  • Please feel free to contact our support team (support@nodinite.com) for additional guidance, if you fail to install or update this version.

    If this release does not meet your standards or requirements; Please send bugs, feature requests, and input for improvements to our development team (featurerequests@nodinite.com).

    Make sure to download the latest version from the Nodinite Customer Portal

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