The Latest version of Nodinite brings mostly bug fixes and some usability improvements 

This is the official version (there may be newer minor builds, review updates manually using the new portal )

This is the latest official build that includes all fixes from previous beta releases:


  • Set timeout for Search Field Expression testing to 10 seconds, from the Web API to the Logging Service
  • Search Field Wizard did send each testing of the result in two equal requests


  • Add missing Event Log plugin
  • Update Email options plugin to not throw exception and therefore not logging distributed notifications if any exception occurred.


  • #3701 - Autostart search for Log Views with a set time intervals failed
  • Fix floating header for result in Log Views
  • #3768 - Fix bug in Search Field - RegEx plugin to trim away spaces and new lines from start and end of the value.
  • #3767 - Direction icon was not shown in Log View admin for restrictions
  • For new Log databases an improved index will be used for cleaning
  • Improve fail handling for getting service statuses


  • #3386 - The alarm plugin Event Log setup did not work correct for Event Id the value was set as a number not as a string as expected.
  • Check boxes was not hidden if a master settings in this case Use default 'Split By Resource' option should hide Split by Resource when checked.


  • Search Field Wizard, edit of a existing Search Field with multiple expressions removed the other expressions if the message type was not included in those.
  • Stylesheet of type Liquid
    - The output of event data diffed from the test, Line breaks became added twice.
    - If error in the data for  the error page was not shown correctly.
  • Bug in Monitor Agents config change of timeout and retry was reset to default in the Web Client after page was reloaded.
  • #3713 api/Status faild for users with not added directly to Nodinite only added by AD Group, Cache used UserId.
  • #3712 Log Audit widget number of errors this week sent wrongly formatted date for fromDate in the API query.

New Features

  • The Log API can take more than one body in a logged event. Nodinite will show the total size and number of bodies but can at this point only download the first (primary) body but will in the future.


  • Add db_ddladmin to the default on system parameter ImLogAccessRoles
  • Paging and filters for Log Views and Monitor Views permissions on Roles due to slow loading of more than 25-50 Views on a page
  • SQL Server Always On did not include a 5.0 fix for alive check of databases, we now only check on primary server and improved the error messages


  • LogAPI could not be loaded on some systems, update of web.config
  • Subject for email with options plugin on specific monitor views was overwritten due to an older bug
  • Statistics on Dashboard only showed current week not the 3 older weeks that should be compared with
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