This is the release of the IBM MQ Monitor Agent. This is a minor release where field tests of previous betas yielded good results.

  • (new) A specific queue configuration that cannot be matched is now displayed with status Unavailable
  • (new) Additional duplicate checks to avoid problems with ambigous configurations
  • (change) Some descriptions in the global configuration was rewritten to clarify the purpose
  • (change) The documentation was updated to reflect this release
  • (change) Updated with the latest common shared libraries
  • (change) Downloaded messages now have the .out suffix in order for you to associate with default program
  • (change) Download as ZIP now works as expected and content has the .out  suffix
  • (change) Renamed the 'Advanced' tab to 'Filter'
  • (change) Moved exclusion filter from the 'Thresholds' tab to the new 'Filter' tab
  • (bug) List messages modal was not properly reloaded after removal of individual messages

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