Based on as well partner and customer feedback and demands we are now delivering all we promised and the package comes loaded with new features and also major updates to the documentation.

This release may very well work as a web based substitute for the popular open source based Service Bus Explorer but with the additional benefits of the Nodinite built in Audit Logging and monitoring.

Service Bus Queue:

  • (Breaking change) - The name of a 'Service Bus' resource is now the name of the 'Resource group'. This helps you understand what resource group has invalid configuration:
  • (Breaking change) - The name of the Resource for MSMQ Service was previously 'MSMQ Broker' and is now renamed ' MSMQ Service'
  • (new) List messages dialog now has three tabs for managing messages on the selected queue: ActiveDead Letter and Scheduled
  • (new) Resource Action - List Dead Letter Messages to go directly to the tab Dead Letter.
  • (new) Resource Action - Purge Messages to remove all active messages
  • (new) Resource Action - Purge Dead Letter to remove all messages on the dead letter queue
  • (new) Checkboxes to be able to multi select and perform selected action for example: download on all messages selected.
  • (new) Resubmit of messages on the dead letter queue.
  • (new) Possibility to change amount of listed messages per page from 25, 50, 100 to 200 messages.
  • (new) New category 'Resource Group' was introduced which means that if the named resource groups gets its name changed or is removed from the Azure subscription it will be listed anyway as Unavailable (which means you will get alerted if something bad happens to your resource group)
  • (change) The details form has new layout
  • (bug) Spinning icons did not alwys work on some buttons while waiting for result


  • (change) The queue details form has new layout

General Changes

  • When you download messages from a ServiceBus queue, ActiveMQ Queue and a MSMQ Queue the filename now has the default .out suffix which mean you can associate the file with a default program for viewing locally. IF the message is from the Service Bus and the content type is known Nodinite will try to match suffix with proper content type, for example xml message (text/xml) will be .xml,
  • Specific queues that are no longer found (either removed in broker or renamed) is listed anyway in the state Unavailable
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