The latest version of the Nodinite 'Microsoft BizTalk Server Monitoring agent' comes packed with new features and usability improvements 

  • (new) Cluster support using shared configuration and metrics in the monitoring database
  • (new) Spool count alerts for count and gracetime
  • (new) TrackingData count alerts for count and gracetime
  • (new) The displayed changed time for BizTalk artficacts are now displayed in local time with the UTC time in the tooltip
  • (change) Layout changed for 'run-time configuration comparison' for multiple nodes
  • (change) Improved error handling when service account has insufficient rights on secondary biztalk nodes
  • (Change) Updated to use the latest shared libraries
  • (Change) Some icons, tables with content and texts have been altered to improve the user understanding
  • (bug) Associated ports in the Details modal for Orchestrations were not properly loaded
  • (bug) Orchestration image should now load if the agent is installed on a BizTalk node and the assemblies do exist
  • (bug) Internet explorer enhancements in many dialogues
  • (bug) Multiple minor problems with managing tracking settings has been corrected
  • (bug) Context properties table in manage suspended instances (resumable was not properly rendered for large texts)
  • Documentation has been updated to reflect this release

The Monitoring Database has been updated and during install you may need to manually update it, review the following troubleshooting guide for additional information

Known issues: If you opt to cluster this agent old metrics are not preserved (converted from file to the database)

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