NOTE: This is the release for Nodinite which means that your old Integration Manager based configuration file must be renamed and moved to new installation folder after this version has been installed. See the following update guidefor additional information.  

* (new) MSI is signed and is using the Nodinite theme

* (new) Additional checks are performed to validate Remote configuration during save (valid uri, duplicate checks, ...)

* (Change) All lists are now sorted witin the remote configuration modal

* (Change) All forms are refurbished to match bootstrap 4

* Updated to use the latest shared libraries

* Documentation has been updated to reflect this release

* (Change) support for more than 5000 SystemUsers

* (Change) Optimized internal stored procedure (Workflows_WorkflowHistory_SelectAndEvaluate.sql)

* (Change) Optimize uppdate process for existing user.

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