• Show status in browser title for the Web Client, if Logging or Monitoring services are offline and if Nodinite is in maintenance mode.

Bug fixes

  • #3363 - Dirty problem if you save Applications and Categories, and navigated to an other page
  • #3209 - If email was in upper case it was validating the email as invalid
  • #3210 - Problem mapping Contracts using the repository binding
  • Problem to update days for Message Type Unknown, now also disabled to change this name since its a system property of Nodinite.
  • Number of Events could not be shown for Message Type Unknown in the statistics.
  • Fix processing bug for events when plugins are not loaded, sets the state to error, before they showed up as ok
  • Filter for Monitor Agent in Monitor Views did not work if you included Resources from more than one Monitor Agent

Release date: 2019-08-21

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