• If the web service is authenticated, the monitor agent will now try to authenticate first before calling it.

New feature:

  • Added support for Username and Password Token Authentication.

    To authenticate using username and password, you can invoke a login API. This API will receive a username and password via a JSON request. In return, you will receive an access token that you can use to access APIs. The Content-Type header must be set to application/json.

    For example:
    POST /tokenLogin HTTP/1.1 

    Content-Type: application/json 
    { "username" : "joe", "password" : "password" }

    This will result in the following response and token:
    {     "access_token": "d127e2ec-a703-4e2a-8629-e9158804748b",     "token_type": "bearer" } 
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