For Update from 4.x to 5.0
Please read the documentation https://documentation.nodinite.com/Documentation/InstallAndUpdate?doc=/Troubleshooting/Updating%20from%20v4%20to%20v5 

New features

Web Client

  • New styling in WebClient, WebAPI & LogAPI according to Nodinite's new graphical profile
  • UI improvement
    • Search for Log and Monitor Views from the header
    • Bootstrap 4.1
    • Fontawesome 5.x
    • Minified menu
    • Breadcrumb
    • Pressing "ESC" (Escape) clears filters
    • Modals and Lists
    • Add Comments to logged events to be added by user, and auto generated comments for resend and repair.
    • Administration of Log Views is re-designed
    • Administration of Monitor Views is re-designed

    • While configuring your Monitor View, the list of monitored resources will automatically updated and the result of the monitor view is visible immediately
      Resources list now show the status for the resource and if the resource is included / monitored in any monitor view
      Resources configuration for Expected state is improved and auto healing show current progress

      Better filter and select function- Status for Artifacts


  • Landscape
  • Metrics, Event count for Message Types and End Points, (Will count during processing of the event)
  • End Point
    - Support for default Message Type, very useful for flat and binary files. Where the Message Type can not be resolved.
    - Dynamic URI, For BizTalk when using a static End Point as a dynamic End Point, where the URI can be changed on the fly, this is used to catch tracked messages since Nodinite is matching tracked events using End Point name and URI.
  • Search Field Links
    For any Search Field you can dynamic link that uses the value of the Search Field

    Setup in Search Field
  • Update of the widget Log Events per day, now using metrics from processed events, before we did count the number of Events in the database, but if events of a message type was removed after 2 days the log events per day would decrees over time. With metrics the actual value will be used.
  • New DateTime Widgets for Dashboard, can for example be used to show when a message of selected messagetype was last logged
  • All Dropdown boxes now has improved paging, filtering, highlight and visual enhancements
  • Removed LogAudits from Dashboard and introduced new Widget within Log Audits Search
  • New setting for Log Views, control the accordion for Search Fields
  • New Paged Grouping (much faster)
  • New Search Field Wizard

  • Copy button in Copy API URL Modal
  • Increased performance for JSON Path lower processing time with up to 10-15% and memory usage with 30 %

  • Add floating table header for Log Search
  • Share query
  • Fast edit of Repository items with modals (Edit available in Integrations, Systems, Services, ....)


  • Nodinite profile
  • Change so that ServiceInstanceActivityId can be logged as null, but will get "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" internally.
  • Multiple new Endpoint Types, for example Connect:Direct
  • Event Direction (See more in the documentation)
  • New swagger version


  • Nodinite profile
  • New swagger version

Bug fixes

  • Fix problem with Encoding for Active MQ repair modal, before the UTF-8 encoding was always used as default and did not take the value correct from the select box

  • Fix problem with export to CSV where the values for Search Fields was shown as IM.Libraries.Model.Log.SearchFieldValue now showing the correct value instead of C# namespace

Release date: 2019-06-19

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