Breaking change in LogAPI may affect Search Fields -> Log Views.
Change Log Views that uses a search field that extracts Local Interchange Id to use Local Interchange Id from the event instead.

New features

Log Views

  • Show last time a event was sent on a End Point or a Message Type was seen.

  • If a Event has context value set with name filename set the filename on download will be set to this, a full path is also working and on resend / repair the folder in the path is used.
    - IM.DefaultProperties/1.0#Filename
    - IM.DefaultProperties/1.0#FullFilePath
    - Filename
    - FileName
    - CloudEvent#PhysicalId
  • Repair / Resend for messages with a valid End Point for Active MQ will now have the Correlation Id set using Local Interchange Id.

Monitor Views
  • Add support to customize columns in Monitor views. Upcoming version will have support to add column for example number of suspended instances.


  • Size for of the Event body will now be set in the LogAPI, before the Event needed to be processed before a download in Web Client was possible.
  • Remove auto creation of Context Keys in the LogAPI, due to it's now possible to search and group by these values using the value on the Event which is faster and save space in the database.
    - IM.DefaultProperties/1.0#ApplicationInterchangeId
    - IM.DefaultProperties/1.0#InterchangeID

    Bug fixes

    • If the same user as IM Logging Service was set as a user in System Paramter ImLogServiceUsers, the create database worker could not grant the owner access to the database. Now we exclude this user if it is unnecessary set in this System Paramter.

    • In version filter on Fields for Search and Restrictions was broken.

    • After the duplicate function added a test for non admin users was missed and caused a JavaScript error. Now solved.

    Release date: 2018-02-06

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