This version should solve a critical bug for BizTalk users, where the copy of event and data may stop in a rare case. Only solution was to restart of IM Logging Service.
To detect/avoid lossning data you can use the Non-Event Monitor Agent. To check that any data has arrived as expected last 1 or 2 days for Log Agent BizTalk.

New features


Search Fields


  •  Add support for RegEx multi line expressions in plugin RegEx with capturing groupsimage



  • Display icon and count for Articles in the list of Resources in Monitor Views to make it visible for users there is possible help available.

Bug fixes

  • IM Logging Service could get stuck in a case where the cleaning thread try to pause the shrink of old databases thread and which one could not be paused. Only solution was to restart IM Logging Service.
  • Auto healing list always showed Enabled, even after the checkbox was unchecked in the setup. A display bug.
  • Fix problem with save of auto healing did not disable the save button.
  • Logging Service was set as offline often even if the service is alive, double timeout from 1 to 2 seconds.

Release date: 2017-12-20

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