New features

Log View

  • Add quick link to System and Log Agent from Log Views

Log Database

  • Add more information in database report
Monitor Actions
  • Add JavaScript API for monitor agent actions to allow links to local features like, for Monitor Agent - Non Events, action details add a link to the Log View monitored.

Bug fixes

  • #2500 Stylesheets were in the change of WebAPI ( no longer available for non admin users. To view messages formatted using a stylesheet.Fix separator for searching

  • Auto healing modal, visual and fix cancel button to work correct

  • #2514 Check only one of two integrations in a Log View with two or more integrations. Did not limit the result set correct.
  • #2380 Log View that was configured using a Integration, System or Service, bound to a service with no transport contract allow a larger search result than user should be able to get.

Release date: 2017-11-09

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