One instance of datapower only
Threashold is not implemeted yet.

Any SNMP settings require a restart of the agent.
Services are shown as OK/Warning/Error even if DataPower is not reachable, upcomming release will set the status to 

Cert can be monitored by rule and as a service.

Remember to do database update!

New features

  • Allow user to set trap port, default 162
  • Add action List Notification for rules,

  • Add new categories for system status evaluation, Disk, Memory, CPU (System Load)
    Memory can not be featched from DataPower if running in Docker.


Bug fixes
  • Lock port 162,
  • Improved messages on failed start
  • Remote config save error
  • If not DataPower is not reachable using SNMP Memory, CPU and Disk will be set as Unavailable

Release date: 2017-11-09

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