New features

Integration Manager 4.4


  • Increased performance, we now use improved Indexes in IMLog databases, and nightly will reorganize the indexes with high fragmentation.Increases rendering of result in Log search.
  • Display statistics for the result

  • Reorganize index for IMLog database nightly to improve search performance, this is done between 3:00 and 4:00, after first update this can take longer to complete. on daly runs this just take a few seconds to a cuple of minites
  • Improved database report, not completed yet but have more information than before.


Bug fixes

  • #2483 Lock group did not take into account the value for "Show collapsed" and "Display summary"
  • #2305 Problem when using a class that was not FIPS compliant for hashing. We now use the correct base class that is FIPS compliant. This is now solved and the product should be fully FIPS compliant.
  • Fix encoding for resend and repair
  • Fix resend problem, message became empty sometimes.
  • Load Search Field Expression Types if more than 10, the rest was not shown, a text search could limit and show the last ones like XPath.
  • Log Audit Search did not use correct UTC time, and did not show correct result according to the search log data time
  • On fail of cleanup one database the next (older) database was never cleaned

Release date: 2017-11-01

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