New features


Log View

  • Updated resend and repair function for messages in a log view. We now support ActiveMQ as a target and prepared for predefined locations for resending.
  • New layout for grouped result 
  • Additional statistical information in tooltip, for example size


Monitor View

  • Administrators can start a sync of a source or all sources from the Monitor view. Users get a toastr when monitor agent completed or initiated the sync of the Source.

Alarm Plugins


  • A new version of the plugin Email, that can set advanced subjects like date time or the name of the monitor view(s). Log Text from the first resource. See more in the documentation
  • A new version of the plugin Email with options (downloaded separately) See more in the documentation Subject can be overridden in each monitor view.


  • All Web API calls are now fully documented for swagger and only shows valid routes/paths
    add/edit/delete is now performed using the correct Request Method POST/PUT/DELETE types/{id}, restore is done using put types/{id}/restore
    some list queries are now limited, and for extra information on the object a GET request must be done to the types/{id}
  • Add warnings that are displayed in IMUpdate so a superuser can see if web.config settings are wrong for the WebAPI
    Warning for not encrypted identity block
    Anonymous authentication enabled
    Windows authentication disabled
    Wrong impersonation settings 

Bug fixes

  • Fix problem with connecting/create Transport Contracts from a Log View
  • Encoding was not set correctly on repair of messages #2178, #2417
  • Log Agent BizTalk was being used even if Enabled was set to false in the IMUpdate tool - BizTalk Log Agents
  • #2459 None admin users could get an error loading the Log Views, not authorized. The reason was that information about log databases can only be seen by admin users.

Release date: 2017-10-04

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