New features


  • Logged event can be used to build/automatically map the Repository by creating Integration, Services and so on, to activate this you must set system parameter AllowRepositoryAutomapping to true (See more in the documentation)
    This is done using the Context for Event See more in the documentation
    Later you can control the Create and Update for each entity in the repository and may be able to lock so no more update is done for example a Service if you like to override.

Log View


  • Search and paging for Events with many Search Field Values

  • Improved information for searching
  • Posible to order the Repository Menu, a GUI will be added later to change the order use the folowing SQL (This is not supported, do this at your own risk) (UPDATE [IMConfig].[dbo].[RepositoryParameters] SET [Value] = '{"Order":{"0":1,"1":2,"2":32,"3":4,"4":8,"5":16}}' WHERE [Key] = 'RepositoryTypesOrder')

Search Fields Plugin

Bug fixes


  • On create of Article from Monitor View the Resource was not set correctly.


  • Add info where the error is in the JSON of a LogEvent if problem occurs

Monitor View

  • Delete of a Monitor View made showed the modified box sure to leave the page?

Log View

  • Improve error message loading Log View

Release date: 2017-09-08

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