! Breaking Changes !

Non Events agent must be upgrade to a version or later Download

The configuration for the non events agent must be updated to match the new 4.3 standard.


Known problems

  • Search Fields in Log Views with In and Not In lose the values saved
  • If tracking is enabled  on Orchestrations and the uri matches a dynamic send port the data will be transferd to Integration Manager
  • Not fully tested yet is the import / export with Transport Contracts
  • Search Fields can't be artifact renamed as in 4.2
  • Validation in the new Transport Contract Wizard might fail sometimes

Make sure to test this release in a test environment before install on a production environment!

New features

  • Integration Landscape


  • Log View improved search algorithms, both "normal" search and the new advanced group by. Group by can span multiple IMLog databases
  • New advanced search filters to include operational attributes like Local interchange id
  • Layout for Log Views, add multiple search buttons, new Display Rersult accordion for group by
  • Group By result groups are internaly orderd by time descending
  • Wizard to fast connect a logged event to a Transport Contract/Service

  • Performance improvments with new new/updated indexes in IMLog
  • Context values that contains passwords or other sensitive data can now be masked
  • Context can now be hidden for users

  • Autoshrink of old IMLog databases, runs each nigth at 3:00 to save diskspace
  • Add a limit for how long Search Field Plugins can run to limit impact of user miss configurations that is extracting too much data from large events.
  • New data types for Search Fields, GUID, Double and Date time with offset

  • Update of names for operators
  • Add new operator In and Not In 

  • Two new direction types  Two way Receive and Two way Send

  • New menu layout for administration, Customize and Settings to simplify administration

  • Autohealing - any resource is in a state for autohealing any of this resoruces actions can be executed.

  • Alarms in Monitor Views can now be trigger on changed Resource state, before the alarm could only be triggerd when monitor view status change.

  • Custom Meta Data is now proparly reenderd in both Web Client and alarm mail for default email plugin and email with options
  • New encoding support EBCDIC

  • New support for BizTalk properties of type long (INT64) that some 3:rd parti adapters uses 

Bug fixes

  • Search Field plugin XPath speed improvment for large result set.
  • #2264 - User could get alarms from monitor views not assigned to them, if more than one monitor view changes state at the same time. And the user was assigned to at least one of them
  • Delete of old events with no data and no context, did not remove old events due to a logical null check error
  • Dynamic send Ports

Release date: 2017-05-03

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