New Feature

  • Custom Meta Data as a new part of the repository to quick add data to any part of the repository, flowing types can be added.
    - Text Field -‘Text Field’ is used for short text based content (single row)
    - Text Area - ‘Text Area’ is used for text based content (multiple rows)
    - Link - ‘Link’ is used to provide clickable navigation links
    - Select - ‘Select’ is used to provide a unique single select from a drop downlist
    - Check Box - ‘Check Box’ is used to provide multiple selections from an array of checkboxes
    - Table - ‘Table’ is used to provide content in tabular form (rows and columns)
    - Attachment - ‘Attachments’ is used to provide file based content

  • #2270 BizTalk Log Agent now include the receive location name in the description.
    [Receive Location]: Location name
    [Port Description]: My port description,
    [Location Description]: My location description

  • Simplify to create widget html for dashboard from metrics

  • Read more and less for descriptions and log text, also adds line breaks, shows if more than 5 lines or 500 chars*

  • New Search Field Expression Type: XPath with RegEx to get a value from extracted XPath, eg : <a><b>Order|A|123</b></a> and you like only get 123
  • All parts of the Repository now supports Save & Close.
  • Add Contracts as a part of the Repository model. A contract uses a service. This is comes from Basline concept model, and will only be active if system parameter UseContracts is set to true, (default is false)

Bug fix

  • Monitor Views status in list of Integrations was not loaded correct sometimes, now it also supports refresh of status och view changes 
  • #2242 Service direction was not set for Services on Systems in the API
  • #2234 Problem with filter on Log Views
  • Problem to get schema for flat files Back from BizTalk, only for versions with multiple BizTalk support.

NOTE: This version dose not have full support for import / export of custom meta data!!

Release date: 2016-12-12

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