New features

  • Add new End Point Types¬†See more in the documentation
    - SSIS
    - SQL
    - Database
    - Web API
  • Add script to shrink IM Log databases, to shrink none active databases run stored procedure [Log_Admin_ShrinkAllNoneActiveLogDatabases] 'DOMAIN\user', 1 on the IMConfig database to shrink all none active databases, active database is the last IMLog with no end date.
Bug fixs

  • Metrics was loaded on each click on Action button in Monitor View
  • First IMLog database on a SQL server not localhost was set to Remote Server = true wrongly
  • If BizTalk out of some reson have 2 End Points with the same unique name, uri, direction and type, the application name will be added before the name of the End Point (This should not be posible to do in BizTalk but the case exists)

Release date : 2016-10-19

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