! Breaking Changes ! (LogApi and Import/Export)

  • End Points are now unique by their NameURIDirectionEnd Point Type and Log Agent

    For End Points (auto created) using the LogAPI must manually have their Log Agent set. This is done automatically for the default BizTalk Log Agent

    If skipped new End Points will be created with the Log Agent set

  • Old Import / Export files can no longer be used and you must re-export in order to be able to import

New Feature

  • Import / Export, Repository items and Roles can be imported/exported between instances of Integration Manager using file or direct link using the API.

  • Support for Windows AD Groups
  • LogAPI using REST API, api/LogEvent/LogEvent this includes swagger for the LogAPI
  • LogAPI WCF support for HTTPS, using LogAPI/LogApiServiceSecure.svc
  • New type of processing state (Reindexing) to allow users to still search on existing data. Until the processing is done.
    The new icon for Reindexing

  • Support for Search By Processing State in Log Views, if users should see this can be set for each Log View

  • New Direction Type None for logging from applications where direction can't be applied, can be used on Services and End Points

    The None direction icon

  • Show BizTalk Tracking status for End Points in Integration Manager (This only applies to the following End Point Types: BizTalk - Receive, BizTalk - Send, BizTalk - Dynamic Send )

  • Show BizTalk Tracking status in the list of End Points (This is only shown if one of the following End Point Types: BizTalk - Receive, BizTalk - Send, BizTalk - Dynamic Send is selected as filter )

  • Show End Point Type in list of End Points
  • Add new End Point Types: Log4Net, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, AMQP, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, ODBC, JDBC, HTTP, HTTPS, REST API, Dropbox
  • End Points will be restored from deleted (if deleted) when new data arrives on the End Point
  • End Points are now bound to a Log Agent to allow better filtering
  • Log Agents will be restored from deleted (if deleted) if data is logged from the agent
  • Use N/A in light gray instead of Not Available to clean up descriptions and make it easier for users to read
  • Metrics is an extension of the Control center metrics is a new type of "Action" on Monitor Agents. Where you can plot data in form of charts or lists and so on, that the agent have support for. 
    This is the first step of the chart/metrics implementation, and can in this version show a single Resource. Later versions will have support to add more. Example both disks C:\ and D:\.



Bug Fixes

  • #2200 - IM Log Agent - BizTalk, (IM Logging Service) for versions, the tracking status in BizTalk is not automaticly synced to IMs End Points, this may result in loss of data.
    This bug is only in the following versions of IM

  • #2186 - Display Field Configurations could not be deleted/restored and the name on save was wrong.
  • #1829 - Problem with search field plugin, Flat file Fixed width. Not showing all settings a user could enter
  • #2207 - End Points was set to deleted if type was Unknown. End Points logged from Mule or any other Log Agent. And at the same time BizTalk sync of End Points was enabled.
  • #2211 - Monitoring Service could create duplicated resources if the a resource name returned contained upper cases and an other Resource contained lower cases in the name.
  • #2215 - Message details could not be view if the Event was logged on an End Point URI longer than 248 chars

Release date: 2016-10-07

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