New Feature

  • Search Result now shows the number of unique values for each Search Field (if more than one). If a file should contains 110 unique order ids it's now easier to find out that.

  • Service relations, to support upcoming graphical viewing of integrations. See more in the documentation

  • Add filter on services to filter on System and/or direction.

  • Add support for live charts on dashboard.

  • Integrations that hava a connection to one or more Monitor Views will show the status for the views in the Integrations list.

  • Filter on Integrations in the Monitor Views list.

Bug Fixes

  • #2175 - Problem to log Events to the LogAPI for versions -> if the LogAgent is using an older implementation of IM.Libraries.Contracts.LogApi than
  • #2177 - IMLog set user authorization upon creation did not work correct. (Only problem if using more than one service account) See more in the documentation
  • #1424 - Add fix for timeout problem on Reindex of Message Types. IM Logging Service spins up threads in the backgound now. This is for Reinxed of Message Types with +100k events/messages.
  • Corrected several, minor misspellings

Release date: 2016-08-22

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