New Feature

Bug Fixes
  • Fix counter to count the number of errors before it only counted the number of errors in the list not the number of monitor views with errors.
  • Fix View message modal, if a message was loaded and then open the modal again for a message with no body the old message was showed.
  • #1424 Add fix for timeout problem when start reindex process on message types with milions of messages this could take several minutes, instead we now spin up threads in the background.
  • #1536 Status message for IM Logging and IM Monitoring service was not shown correct on the Dashboard.
  • #2084 Problem with Loading forever on Control Center Actions when a action failed, now showing the proper error.
  • #2110 Save of Search Fields could give a red message Success, Save.
  • #2171 Change the name of Monitor View could not be done from/to lower to/from upper cases.

Release date: 2016-07-06

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