• LogAPI - Allow End Points to be created with a End Point Type set, before all End Points created was set to WCF. 
  • Size will be set to N/A for events if no message body exists, before the size was set to 0. 
  • End Points are now unique by Name, URI and Direction, before only Name and URI was used 
  • Power BI / iframe plugin support on Dashboard See more in the documentation
  • Direction for Services to allow drawing of the repository model in the future See more in the documentation
  • Message Processing speed improved by adding cache for message type resolving and bulk insert search field values 
  • LogAPI / Logging Service - Can now extract the Message Type from the body of a logged messages by setting a Context value (IM.DefaultProperties/1.0#MessageTypeExtractFromBody = "True") See more in the documentation
  • Integrations/Services are easier to manage. It's now possible to connect the Service to Integration(s) from the Service edit page See more in the documentation

Bug fixes

  • #2107 - Search Fields was not hidden/shown in columns/display fields correct after add/delete/restore 
  • #2119 - Resource history, log date time is shown in UTC for Internet Exporer and Firefox, (should be local time) 
  • #2124 - Problem to execute alarm test for Alarm Plugins, mail was sent to test@integrationsoftware.se instead of the entered email address See more in the documentation

Release date: 2016-04-12 
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