• Actions on agents / Control Center functionality
  • Remote configuration of monitor agents
  • New and improved monitor agents (ServiceBus, Non-Events, WMQ and so on)
  • Hybrid Connections / Service Bus (Run IM On-Prem, Hybrid or in the cloud)
  • Simplified installation and update process
  • Improved GUI (e.g. an easier and faster navigation, as well as popover/tooltips, lists and so on)
  • Extended and improved Repository Model
  • Custom Field Plugins (dynamically call your own information sources to load data into IM)
  • License-key management
  • Logic Apps (full support for logging and monitoring.)
  • Pipeline components (Log events / messages directly from the port with pipeline components if BizTalk tracking is not activated)
  • Integration Software Official YouTube Channel
  • Documentation
  • Expected State

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