• Feature Request #1615 Add Repository for Monitoring, not possible to connect a Monitor View to a integration and get the Custom Values from the Integration e.g. SLA for the Integration
  • Feature Request #1604 Add column read only to Log Databases view
  • Feature Request #1600 Add Log Status Code for source error to allow usage of unavailable i Monitoring Agents
  • Fix Bug 1608 Unable to search and find events in the Log View has Agent Source Associated with it and have an other Log Agent Value Id than the internal Id (LogAgentId)
  • Fix Bug 1601 Problem to remove monitor views direct form index page for monitor views
  • Feature Request #1595 App pool user dont need to be SA to get access to new databases
  • Fix Bug 1510 if IM Log database is created by logging service and Api impersonation running with different users the impersonation user will loss access to the db
  • Fix Bug 1498 Name of missing Categories/Applications should have Id instead of index number after #
  • Fix Bug 1469 Problem to reindex message in logdatabases if impersonation user is diffrent than the user created a new log database

Known problems

  • File upload in IE9 doesn't work, Stylesheet and Custom Fields with type Value Type File is affected
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