• Minor description changes for Time Intervals
  • Add support to see if a deleted resource is included in monitor view.
  • Feature Request #1474 Add support to see Search Fields for a Message Type
  • Feature Request #1578 Startup type for monitor agents
  • Fix Bug in IE 8 problem with JS error in Monitor Views
  • Fix Bug #1592 Search Field Key name (Search Field namne) was not showed in value list for message details
  • Fix Bug #1582 The path for select2 spinner when bundling css is incorrect
  • Fix Bug #1587 Problem with layout for admin page for sources
  • Fix Bug #1521 When a source was removed than it was still inclueded in Monitor Views
  • Fix Bug #1483 Exlude Resources shows resources from sources not included in the monitor view

Known problems

  • File upload in IE9 doesn't work, Stylesheet and Custom Fields with type Value Type File is affected
  • IMLog database user rights if Logging service and API impersonation running with different users, after auto creating of new database API loss access if API user is not sysadmin
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