• Change default number of days to split database on from 31 to 365 days
  • Add better overview of integrations allow user to se the included services, end points, message types and systems
  • Add input validation for serach fields in Log View
  • Feature Request #1557 and Bug #1559 - Added search date validation to improve user experience adn to fix search problem
  • Fix Bug #1560 Search for Log Status Code was skipped if none digital where added in input - solution added validation
  • Fix Bug #1552 Directon Recive First / Send Last dont work as expected now work correct and added Recive Last and Send First as options
  • Fix Bug #1549 Search included combinations of messagetype/endpoint that where not in a Service if a Service or Integration where set on a Log View for restriction
  • Fix Bug #1547 Links are broken and showen even if web site is not set for monitor items
  • Fix Bug #1544 From/To date could not be written direct in the date range picker, now fixed
  • Fix Bug #1509 Authorization problem, a user enters correct credentials but still the error page for unauthorized was shown
  • Fix Bug #1506 Database split time bug if a event was starting on one side of the split and ended on the other side, data was only written in one of the databases if message was unchanged
  • Fix Bug #1471 If BizTalk was not done writing data to DB, we could miss pieces of data in large files, add support to wait for files to be written complet

Known problems

  • File upload in IE doesn't work, Stylesheet and Custom Fields with type Value Type File is affected
  • IMLog database user rights if Logging service and API impersonation running with different users, after auto creating of new database API loss access if API user is not sysadmin
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