• If resources/sources/applications/categories have website attribute filled in, the html a-tag will automatically added.
  • Added support for search field plugins returning multiple values.
  • Fix Bug #1504 Monitoring View showing wrong cursor for chart history bars if show history is disabled
  • Fix Bug #1503 Unable to save resource with no category assigned
  • Fix Bug #1501 Status count of number of monitor views with error(s) or warning(s) showed even views not assigned to user if user is administrator.
  • Fix Bug #1499 In diagrams click on OK/Warning(s)/Error(S) after version did not update list with only Monitor Views and Resource with just that status.
  • Fix Bug #1486 IM.Plugin.Alarm.Email with version can't load xslt from file. (wrong path)
  • Fix Bug #1479 IM Monitoring Service sent wrong version instead of environmet to plugin

Known problems

  • File upload in IE9 doesn't work, Stylesheet and Custom Fields with type Value Type File is affected
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