• Monitoring Service - Fix bug if a resource have same name and category as an other resource but the only difference was application mapping from a source failed.
  • BizTalk Status Service - Add @hostname for Host Instances Resrouces. If more than one node in BizTalk it would create duplicate Resource not following data contract for a monitoring service.
  • IMLog.dacpac - Update of script changing filegrowth and size to be independent from eachother to allow upgrade indexes of large existing IMLog databases

Known problems

  • Filter on Receive First or Second Last will show result eg "10 event(s) found. Showing 5 of 10 event(s), on page 1 of 1". But only 5 should be found and shown
  • File upload in IE9 doesn't work, Stylesheet and Custom Fields with type Value Type File is affected
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