• Changed text from "All at one glance" to "All at a glance".
  • Changed text from "Manage your integrations" to "Manage your entities"
  • Added title tool tips
  • Fixed bug in repair and resubmit while pressing cancel the editor will no longer be duplicated
  • Fixed bug in repair and resubmit where the changes applied to the file were not saved
  • Custom Fields does now support two types - file and text.
  • Custom Field file types will now be shown in search result
  • Custom Field files: if file is an image the image will be shown directly in the search result.
  • Custom Field values received a new attribute "Web Site", enabling to link the value to an external site/document/mail.
  • Renamed Custom Fields Tab in search result to Repository Model
  • Added repository model entity System to Additional fields in search result.
  • Changed order in additional fields - now showing integrations, services, system, end point, message type
  • Fixed link color in search result for events where log status code is below 0.
  • Added icons to external links in search result
  • Changed text from "If selected, the search result will be grouped by the chosen search field" to "If selected, the search result will be grouped by the search field"
  • Fixed word wrapping bug in Internet Explorer.
  • Added log text to search result
  • Fixed typos in message details
  • Fixed that events with logstatuscode higher than 0 will be marked with blue color in search result.
  • Changed texts in monitor views administration
  • The only attribute that can be changed within web client on resources, categories and applications is web site due to the sync procedure that would overwrite all other settings.
  • Updated description when administrating external instances.
  • Minor fixes in layout (css & html)

Known Problems 
  • Filter on Receive First or Second Last will show result eg "10 event(s) found. Showing 5 of 10 event(s), on page 1 of 1". But only 5 should be found and shown
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