New Features

All new design
We created a new design in order to make it faster, more stable and more intuitive. The result is a new, better, easier to understand and responsive web application.Artifact Renaming
Rename entities of the repository model within views to make them easier to understand.Preview Stylesheets
When applying stylesheets to message types you can now easier test the new stylesheet by providing the messages body, by either copying an example files content, uploading a file or by providing an event id.Custom Fields
You can now add custom attributes to each and every part of the repository model. This feature should help you to define integrations with the repository model even better.External Instances
Easily export views from one Integration Manager instance to another.

Bug Fixes

We resolved the following bugs

#593: Resources with unicode characters could not be monitored.#595: The service for monitoring BizTalk Server did not read the databases dynamically from the management database.#596: Using Integration Manager without Microsoft BizTalk is not possible.#1084: Integration Manager's monitoring service locked itself when it wasn't able to connect to one of the monitoring sources.#1183: Monitor views were visible, but not accessible by users outside the specified roles.#1185: Querying the number of unprocessed log databases resulted in poor performance.#1232: Integration Manager did not create new databases automatically.

Performance improvements

New indexes in logging databases in order to improve the performance of most of the queries to the log databases.

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